Toes [Mud]

the warmth of the suncakes the mudto my feet.i do not wear shoesbecause the ones i had were lostat sea. my heartbeat quickens as i think of the ocean.there is no beauty in this Creation - onlytumultuous waves,screaming children, hands shake at thethought of returning to itbut my greatest desireis to be home. Thanks … Continue reading Toes [Mud]

Toes [Sand]

the warmth of the sunbathes my feet.i do not wear shoesas to feelthe velvet sand between my toes.the sun - just risenover the horizoncalls out to me like a beacon."behold, there is beauty and gracein this Creation - it is yours."my feet stop as the placewere the cold, wet sand meetsthat which has yetto be … Continue reading Toes [Sand]