The Bucket List

Fun fact about me: I have an extensive life bucket list.

Currently, there are 80 things that comprise my bucket list (I’ve left room for 100!).

Some of them are silly (#58: Milk a cow), some of them are more serious (#24: Buy a house), and some are just cool things I really want to do (#17: swim with dolphins). A good chunk of them have to do with traveling abroad.

Finding inspiration from my life bucket list, I decided to make a separate TAPIF bucket list of places I want to go and sights I wish to see while I am there.

You can check out my “Summer Before” and “The Best Year of My Life” bucket lists in the tab above!

One thought

  1. Making a bucket list is definitely a good way of (to a degree) holding yourself accountable to visiting places and making the most of your time abroad! My initial bucket list seemed to just keep growing throughout my time in Lyon, which is fast coming to an end. Look forward to following your TAPIF adventures 🙂


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