The Summer Before: The Fort Worth Ale Trail – Part 2

Thanks for checking back in to read the second half of my Fort Worth Ale Trail review! If you missed my recap of the first five stops on the Ale Trail, you can read about that here.

Stamp 6: Wild Acre Brewing Company

Wild AcreI got my sixth stamp from Wild Acre Brewing Company in Fort Worth. For their Brewery Hours, you pay $15 for a wristband and a glass, which grants you four pours. Given that this brewery only has four beers on tap, it gives you chance to have a glass of each (or four glasses of your favorite J) if you want to try them all! The brewery has a cool vibe and a young crowd, which my roommates and I enjoyed tremendously. It was pretty busy the whole time we were there, but never uncomfortably crowded. Another bonus to this brewery: lots of people bring their pups, so there were dogs everywhere! We were fortunate to have a couple with a dog sit down next to us for a bit, so my roommate and I were very, very happy to play and interact with him.

I ended up getting three pours while I was there and stuck with the two lighter options: the Moonlight Shine Wheat Ale and the Tarantula Hawk India Red Ale. I really enjoyed both but preferred the first to the second. My roommates drank the Ale Trail recommendation, the Billy Jenkins Session Bock, and their Soul Pleasure Southern Stout, which they enjoyed as well.

Overall, this was one of our favorite Ale Trail Brewery spots. The beer was great, the vibe and location were excellent, and the crowd was relatively young. We will definitely be heading back!

Rating: 10/10
Location: 1734 E. El Paso Street, Suite 190, Fort Worth, TX
Brewery Hours: Saturday 2-6pm

Stamp 7: HopFusion Ale Works

The seventh stop on the Fort Worth Ale Trail was HopFusion Ale Works in Fort Worth. We went on a Sunday evening for their trivia night, which they host every other week. I would highly recommend going on a trivia night—it was a lot of fun and the trivia was just the right level of challenging, not impossible but also not super easy. There was a good crowd and everybody was very friendly!

Hop FusionFor my pour, I went with the Ale Trail recommendation and one of HopFusion’s signature brews: the Fiesty Blonde, a honey vanilla blonde beer. This one is up there on the list of favorite beers tried so far! One thing I really like about HopFusion is how many options they have. Beyond their signature series (which boasts the Blonde, a Pale Ale, an IPA, and a Stout), they keep their taproom stocked with experimental brews like the Fiesty Redhead (Honey Vanilla Blonde on Hibiscus) or the Amped Fusion (Imperial Coffee Stout). No matter what you like, they have something for everyone (they even have non-alcoholic drinks like Kombucha).

Rating: 9/10
Location: 2000 E Broadway Ave, Fort Worth, TX
Taproom Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 5-11pm, Friday 2-11pm, Saturday Noon-Midnight, Sunday 2-11pm

Stamp 8: Panther Island Pavilion

Stamp #8 came from Panther Island Pavilion! For their brewery hours, you pay $10 for 3 bottle caps (giving you three beers) and a souvenir glass or four beers in a plastic cup—a great option if you’ve begun to develop an overwhelming collection of souvenir glasses from all these different breweries. They bring in live music and food trucks for their brewery hours and have games like giant Jenga available to play. Overall, the place had a cool vibe but it was quite noisy given the large crowd and the live music.

IMG_1310At every brewery, I like to at least try the Ale Trail Passport recommendation. Sadly, they didn’t have the recommendation, Allergeez, on tap. The bartender, seeing my dismay at not knowing what to try, recommended I try their summer seasonal Summageez, which is essentially the Allergeez with peach added to it. Now I might be biased because I love any-and-all things peach flavored, but this beer was incredible—I would even go so far as to say it is my favorite out of all the beers I tried in completing the Ale Trail.

Rating: 8.5/10*
Location: 501 N Main St, Fort Worth, TX
Brewery Hours: Friday 5-9pm, Sunday 2-6pm

*The beer itself was a 10/10 but the brewery was so loud with talking and music, I had to knock down the score a bit.

Stamp 9: Chimera Brewing Company

My next stamp came from Chimera Brewing Company in Fort Worth. We went on a weekday evening and it wasn’t busy or crowded at all. One unique thing about Chimera compared to the other breweries on the Ale Trail is that they have a full lunch/dinner menu, so it is a good, local place to go for dinner and drinks. We did not get dinner while we were there, but we did have dessert–Chimera boasts a rotating selection of house-made desserts (we got Panna Cotta; it was tasty!).

IMG_1324 2
When you forget to take a picture until the end…

Chimera has a wide selection of beers on tap, 4-6 of them always being house beers. Their other selections are guest beers that are in constant rotation, giving you the chance to always try something new! The Ale Trail Passport recommends the Chimerica IPA but unfortunately, they were out of a lot of their house beers when we were there. I ended up getting the Playa Pantera, a “Mexican Lagar with Saaz hops”. It was pretty good! It was fruity and light–if completing this Ale Trail has taught me anything about myself and my beer preferences, it would be that I am definitely a fruity beer kind of gal 🙂

Rating: 7/10
Location: 1001 W Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth, TX
Brewery Hours: Monday-Friday 11:30am-Midnight, Saturday 10am-Midnight, Sunday 10am-10pm

“Stamp” 10: Revolver Brewing

RevolverI have a confession to make: I did not actually get my stamp from Revolver Brewing to complete the passport. I know, I know–what was the point of going this far and not getting the last stamp?! Well, I was not feeling well the day my roommates and I had decided we would drive out there (located in Granbury, it’s pretty out of the way), so I passed on the excursion. However, I did try the Ale Trail Passport recommendation, Revolver’s Blood & Honey, at a restaurant out in Grapevine–it wasn’t my favorite. The orange and honey flavors are nice but I wasn’t a fan of whatever spices they use in the beer.

Thankfully, I have some pretty stellar roommates who were willing to provide their opinions on their experience for the blog post: “Super great atmosphere, lots of open space, fun live music, very much a local rural community feel (in a good way). Nice succinct brewery tour. Now somewhere I would go in the heat of summer because it’s outdoors /the warehouses are open to the outside. The beer is good and refreshing, especially the Blood and Honey!”

Rating: 8.5/10*
Location: 5650 Matlock Road, Granbury, TX
Brewery Hours: Saturday 12-3pm

*Rating based on my roommate’s reviews

My final thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed working through the Ale Trail Passport! It was a fun way to explore DFW and try a bunch of new beers I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. I am all about being a tourist in your own city, and I think the Ale Trail provides individuals with the opportunity to do just that. Whether you are coming to DFW for a short vacation or have lived in the area your whole life, I would recommend adding the Ale Trail of your list of things to do in Fort Worth!

Thanks for reading and check back next week for more!

Until next time,



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