Destination: Beaune, France

The last weekend of the vacances de la Toussaint, I had the incredible opportunity to spend the weekend in Beaune, France with the family my French professor stayed with when he studied abroad in Dijon during his undergrad (a HUGE “thank you” to you–if you read this–for connecting them with me!)

Beaune is located about 40km south of Dijon and is part of the region called the Côte d’Or (golden slope). Located in the heart of wine country, this beautiful city is a well-known tourist destination in the Burgundy region, as it boasts a rich historical and architectural heritage and lots and lots of wine (honestly, what else do you need??).

Not my picture, but here is an idea of what it looks like!

Because we spent so much of the weekend just talking and eating really good meals, I didn’t end up taking too many pictures while I was there.

One of the best desserts I’ve eaten since I’ve been here
Nothing like a wine tasting at 11:30 on a Sunday morning

However, I was able to visit the Hôtel-Dieu des Hospices Civils de Beaune, a 15th-century hospital for the poor-turned-museum that shows off the beauty that is French fifteenth-century architecture. The price of admission included a free audio tour, which was super informational and provided a plethora of details about what daily life was like at the hospital, in addition to information about the architecture and the religious artifacts located throughout the building.

A replica of the building
One of the beds for the hospital patients

This was kind of a haphazard blog, so I apologize for that, but I didn’t want to leave this trip undocumented! I am looking forward to going back and will most likely be doing so for New Year’s Eve, so my next post about Beaune will (hopefully) be a bit better than this one. Thanks for reading!

Until next time,


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