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While we’ve had minimal snow in Clamecy so far, the decorations around town, visiting Christmas markets, and listening to Christmas music is putting me in the perfect Christmas spirit! While Christmas is not my favorite holiday (it’s New Year’s Eve for me!), I’m happy to spread a little of Christmas cheer on my blog after being tagged by Kaitlin for this Christmas post 🙂

What is your favorite Christmas film?

Okay, this is a terribly difficult question. Normally, I am not a movie person, but I have quite a few Christmas movies that I love, so it is impossible to choose just one! Some of my favorites are Elf (of course-what a classic), The Polar Express (arguably my favorite), Eloise at Christmas Time (honestly, if you have not seen this movie, do yourself a favor and watch it-it’s adorable), and Prancer (an oldie but a goodie).

Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

In my family, with the exception of maybe one or two years, we’ve always had a fake tree. The idea of a real tree sounds appealing–making a day out of finding the perfect tree for your home, the smell of fresh pine, etc.–but oh, the convenience of a fake tree! There’s no mess, you don’t need to worry about keeping it alive, there’s never a question of if it will fit in the space you’ve designated for it…it’s so much simpler. Maybe one day, I’ll have a change of heart, but for now, I’m all about a fake tree.

Christmas tree

What is your favorite Christmas song?

i saw mommy kissing santa

Hands down, my favorite song is, “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”. That being said, I love most Christmas songs and will listen to anything from the traditional church hymns to the Michael Bublé and Pentatonix Christmas albums. You really can’t go wrong with Christmas songs.

What is your favorite Christmas scent?

love the smell of Christmas cookies (I mean, who doesn’t?!), so I’d have to say that fresh-baked cookie smell is my favorite.


Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

Unlike a lot of families, we don’t have any set-in-stone Christmas Eve traditions. We always have Christmas Eve dinner, but the menu changes every year. We always go to mass, but the time we go (early evening vs midnight mass) and the church we attend changes pretty much every year as well. Also, we don’t open any presents on Christmas Eve–overall, our Christmas Eve is pretty relaxed.

Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

Nope! If Santa hasn’t come yet, why would you open a present? Just saying…

What tops your Christmas tree?

My family always has an angel on the top of our tree!

What is the best thing about Christmas for you?

My absolute favorite Christmas tradition is baking Christmas cookies with my mom and sisters. I’m pretty sad that I won’t be able to bake cookies/treats with them this year (if y’all could send me some puppy chow or white chocolate popcorn, that would be pretty cool). I love being able to quality spend time with my family and friends as well.


What is your favorite festive food or treat?

If you can’t tell by now, I love Christmas cookies, so I’d have to say that is my favorite treat! However, after trying it this past weekend, vin chaud is in a close second-USA, please step up your mulled wine game.

What is on the top of your Christmas wish list this year?

I can honestly say that this is the first year I did not make a Christmas wish list! I love the idea of giving and receiving gifts, but I am not a good gift chooser/giver–I want so badly to find the perfect gift for another person that I end up with zero ideas. This year, I am treating myself with my Christmas travel plans–I’ll be in Strasbourg for a few days after Christmas (I’m coming for you, Christmas markets!), I am taking a day trip into Germany, I’ll be in Beaune for the New Year, and I’ll be concluding my travels with a few days in Besançon. With this trip, I’ll be able to cross three things off my travel bucket list, so I am pretty pumped!

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Be sure to check back next week for more, and happy holidays!

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2 Thoughts

  1. Our Christmas tree angel has a little cowboy hat on. Cowboy declarations mixed with Maui hand made things. Christmas dinner changes , this year salmon.. our table expanding to 16..
    Lynn’ hay stacks are made with gram crackers and potatoes slivers covered with rich chocolate. This represents Christ laying in hay.. tons of cookies with pecans.
    Gifts are cookies except grandchildren are loaded with creative education toys this year.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

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