Vacances de Noël Recap #2: Lyon, Part 2

Thanks for checking back in for part two of my Vacances de Noël Recap of Lyon! You can find my recap of part 1 here.

Day 3: Le vendredi, 29 décembre 2017

My third day in Lyon started out early (though not as early as the day before!) with breakfast at the hostel. I knew the weather would be less than stellar on this day, so I made Friday my official museum-visiting day!

I started the morning by walking to the Vieux Lyon to go to the Musée de Cinema et Miniatures. I ended up getting there way too early (ie, an hour before it opened) and decided to make the trek up the hill to visit the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière.


I visited the Basilica during my first trip to Lyon with T and L, but it was nice to be up there so early in the day and sans tourists. Plus, you can’t really complain about a view like that.


I made my way inside the Basilica and even though it wasn’t my first time inside, it still took my breath away. I wish the pictures did it justice; it is one of those places that you just have to see for yourself to get the full effect.


After 15 minutes or so in the church, I made my way back down the hill and back to Vieux Lyon for the Musée de Cinema et Miniatures.


Now, I am absolutely not a movie person-I’d so much rather watch a series than sit through a film-but the museum was SO WORTH IT. I found it incredibly interesting and 95% of the props/costumes/movie things in the museum are from American/English movies and series, so it was a lot of stuff I recognized. I took tons of pictures, but here are just a few of the thousands of things they have there.


There are also two whole floors of miniatures, which were incredible to look at! There are so many intricate details in some of them; it’s amazing to think about all the work that must go into each miniature scene (A fun fact from the museum: each miniature can take between 6-14 months to construct from conception to the final product!).


After the museum, I knew that I was going to treat myself to a nice lunch in Vieux Lyon, so I headed to Les Pampres Rouges and snagged a table before the lunch rush. The meal was delicious and perfectly lyonnaise!

Salade Lyonnaise-Boeuf Bourguignon-Tarte Praline


After my incredibly filling lunch, I headed to my second museum of the day: Le Musée des Beaux-Arts. I really loved it!


There were tons of things to see and even without visiting the extra exhibition, I spent nearly 2 1/2 hours there. I always feel weird about taking pictures in an art museum, but here is a picture of one of my favorite pieces of the afternoon.


With the little bit of daylight I had left after the museum, I decided to walk up to the Quartier de la Croix Rouge just to explore. There are tons of murals on the buildings in this section of Lyon and I would love to go back when there is more light in order to see them all! I really loved the vibe of the Croix Rouge-it felt quite diverse, which is something I don’t always feel in France.


I wandered around for a bit and made my way back in the direction of the hostel. I visited Monoprix to pick up some basics for dinner, then returned for the night to relax, eat, and talk with some of my fellow travelers.

Day 4: Le samedi 30 décembre 2017

I was a bit “lazier” on Saturday morning but I was still out and walking around before 9h30. It was a bit bizarre to be in Vieux Lyon so early because there was nobody out walking around; the street was completely clear!


My one and only goal for Saturday was to eat a brioche aux pralines, so that is exactly what I did for breakfast.


Honestly, my body and my wallet are so lucky I don’t live in Lyon because if I did, neither of them would be pleased with me. If I could eat one of these everyday for the rest of my life without any repercussions, I would be a happy camper 🙂

I had a bit of time before I needed to check out from the hostel, so I meandered around the area taking pictures before I returned.


I checked out of the hostel just before 11 but given that my train wasn’t until 15h30, I hung out in the coffee shop area and ate lunch/got some work done before walking to the train station and heading to my next stop: Beaune, France!

Thanks for reading my second vacation recap post and check back tomorrow for the final recap of Beaune!

Until next time,


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  1. WOW! Thrilled and excited seeing your photos and experiences. You are the happiest most positive person, real pleasure to enjoy your travels with you.
    Love Phil & Lynn Herr

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