A Day in the Life of a Small-Town Assistant: Tuesday Edition

Hello and welcome back to the second post of the “A Day in the Life of a Small-Town Assistant” series! I hope you enjoy 🙂

6:30am—Wake up time! My typical morning routine consists of: checking my phone and scrolling through Instagram, having a glass of tea (this morning, it was Earl Gray with a dash of almond/soy milk), getting dressed and doing my makeup, and finally, packing my school bag back up again after a long weekend (I don’t have classes on Monday).

7:40—Time for breakfast! This day, I ate a mixture of almond milk yogurt/an apple/trail mix/a sprinkle of cinnamon/a dash of almond milk, plus an unpictured orange.


8:00—On y va to the salle de profs to print out the handouts for my 8:30 lesson.

8:15—I went to my classroom to prepare/set up for my lesson. Normally, I don’t get to my classrooms early to do set up because I wait until the last minute to leave the apartment, but because printing my handouts didn’t take that long, I had time to spare.

8:30—A lesson with the terminales all about MLK. I work with small groups from this class every other week, so it was nice to work with them after a three-week break due to the Christmas vacations. We talked about who MLK is, covered some facts about MLK, listened to the end of his “I Have a Dream” speech, and concluded with the students working together to create five “I have a dream…” statements about the future of the U.S.


9:30—It’s my turn for a lesson! I have French lessons with L every Tuesday (and Wed/Thurs/sometimes Saturday). We always start out by listening to the new One Thing in a French Day podcasts. This time, we listened to the podcasts, “On va deguster la France” and “Un conte peut en cacher un autre”. When I first started listening to the podcast, I would listen to it two or three times and write down any and everything I heard. After listening and writing, I would retell the story to L with as many details as possible. Very slowly, I’ve transitioned to having to listen to it 2 or 3 times to only needing to listen to it once to this time, only listening and not writing anything. Granted, I remember far fewer details when I don’t write anything down, but I would say I am far more successful as retelling the story now than I was for the first lesson, so that makes me pretty happy. To conclude the lesson, we watched some YouTube videos about pronunciation. We found a channel called Frenchsounds and worked through her series of tongue twister videos (aka, the bane of my existence). Overall, it was a good French lesson!

10:30—I had an hour break between the end of the French lesson and my class, so I did some administrative stuff like going to the secretary to put money for my lunch card and I did some work in the salle de profs. With the time I had left, I read Harry Potter until it was time to leave for my 11:30 class.

11:30—A lesson with a small group of secondes all about accents and pronunciation! We talked about regional dialects, played Kahoot (if you don’t know what it is, go check it out! It’s a great teaching tool and it’s fabulous for competitive students!), and ended the lesson with talking about slang words in the U.S.

12:30—It’s lunchtime! I forgot to bring my phone with me to the lunch room, so I failed to take a picture, but my lunch consisted of a small shredded carrot salad, pork roast with onions and cauliflower, a salad from the salad bar, a piece of bread, and an apple.

13:05—I had a bit of a break before my final class of the day, so I decided to return to the apartment to relax a bit and do some Airbnb hunting for the vacances d’hiver, which will be here in just four short weeks. I’ll share my travel plans as soon as they are finalized, but let me just say that I am super duper excited for the vacations to arrive! On another note, the weather on Tuesday was crazy—it went from rainy to clear blue skies back to raining probably 3 or 4 times over the course of the day. However, all that rain and sunshine resulted in a lovely rainbow right over the high school!


14:15—I went back to the salle de profs to read a bit more of Harry Potter and prepare for my final lesson.


14:30—It’s time for my final lesson with another small group of secondes, all about food in the U.S. We talked a lot about the regional specialties in the U.S., in addition to the differences between French food culture and American food culture. For the warm-up activity, I had the students draw a picture of what they would eat for their last meal. After they drew their plate, I had them describe their meal to the class. This was probably my favorite part of the lesson because it was really interesting to see what the students would eat!

16:00—Normally on Tuesdays, I do individual tutoring sessions with two students at 15:30 and 17:00 but this week, both of my tutors needed to cancel and reschedule, so I had an unexpected afternoon to myself! I headed to chez L to hang out for a bit and work through some travel plans for the vacances d’hiver.

18:00—L and I headed to the salle de musculation for a workout. Normally there is an abs class at 19:00 but the gym owner/abs teacher was on vacation, so L and I both did our own thing before finishing up with a self-led “abs class” and stretching.

19:30—We returned from the gym and made a quick trip to Carrefour to grab a few things for dinner.

20:15—Dinner time! We had a salad with deli turkey, walnuts, goat cheese, and dried figs with a homemade dressing. So yummy and so simple!


20:45—After dinner, L and I relaxed and watched a Star Wars movie of TV. I ended up falling asleep almost immediately until 22:45, which while at the time was really nice, ended up being a terrible decision because it made it so difficult for me to fall asleep once I got home.

23:30—L took me home.

23:55—Given that I was wide awake after my two hour nap, I had several cups of green tea and watched Netflix and YouTube until getting tired enough to fall asleep, which unfortunately didn’t happen until 2:30 in the morning. Thankfully, I knew all my Wednesday classes were cancelled because the teacher was sick, so it didn’t end up being a big deal.

Thanks for reading my Tuesday, day in the life recap! Check back later this week for more.

Until next time,


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