A Day in the Life of a Small-Town Assistant: Thursday Edition

Hello and welcome back to the third post of the “A Day in the Life of a Small-Town Assistant” series! I hope you enjoy 🙂

7:10am—Good morning! I woke up and had my typical “morning routine”: sit on my phone and scroll social media, get dressed and do my makeup, pack my school bag, and eat a quick breakfast while I was getting ready (orange/apple/a bit of trail mix).

8:10—On y va to the salle de profs to make some photocopies of a handout I needed for a class later in the day.

8:20—I headed to my classroom to get settled in for my first class.

8:30—Small group lessons with the secondes. For this class, I take two groups for 25 minutes each and we talk about whatever lesson the head teacher wants me to. So today, we talked all about their Christmas and NYE, in addition to MLK Day.

9:30—After my class, I returned to the apartment (benefit of living on the school grounds!) to have a cup of tea and do the housework I had been avoiding from earlier in the week.


10:30—Every other week, I have a class at 10:30, but this week I had one of my rescheduled tutoring lessons from Tuesday. As she is a terminale student, she and I have been working through her BAC mock exam to see where she could make improvements. For this session, she had rewritten two of her essay questions and we went through them together.

11:30—I had a class with some terminales. I work with the same teacher all day, so most of my lessons have the same structure: I take 2 groups for 25 minutes each, but instead of talking about the holidays, we talked about “The Idea of Progress”.

12:05—As the terminales were leaving the school after lunchtime for an activity of some sort, I was released from class early. I had some time to kill before lunch, so I hung out in the salle de profs.

12:30—Lunchtime! I remembered my phone this time, so here is a picture of our menu alsacien themed lunch.


13:05—This Thursday afternoon was quite a bit different than my normal Thursday. Normally, I have a class at 13:30, a French lesson from 14:30-15:45, a 16:00 class and a 17:00 class. However, given the absence of the terminales and one teacher being sick, I only ended up having my 17:00 class. As a result, I headed back to the apartment to have a cup of tea and to do some work.

14:30—It’s time for another French lesson with L. This time, we worked through two One Thing in a French Day podcasts and then listened to two different news reports. Overall, it was a decent lesson!

15:30—After the lesson, L and I just hung out at the apartment and talked until it was time for both of us to go.

17:00—My last class of the day was with two groups of secondes where we worked through an “Ordering Coffee” lesson.

18:00—After class, I returned to the apartment. I wanted to go to the gym (and by wanted, I mean I felt like I should but I didn’t really feel like it), so I decided calling my mom would be a perfect excuse to avoid the gym.

18:15-20:00—I Facetimed with my mom and successfully avoided having enough time to go to the gym (thanks, Mom!).

20:10-20:35—Right afterward, I Facetimed with a family friend from Texas who I’ve been missing dearly (Love you, Bishop!)

20:40—I had a 21:00 Facetime friend-date scheduled, but as I was just starting to find something to eat for dinner, I was kidnapped by my colleagues to go to L’s apartment for drinks after one of their big meetings.


23:30—After a nice evening spent with a few of my colleagues, one of them brought T and I back to the apartment and I headed to bed.

Thanks for reading the third installment of my daily recaps! Check back next week for more.

Until next time,


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