A Day in the Life of a Small-Town Assistant: Wednesday Edition

Hello and welcome back to the fifth post of the, “A Day in the Life of a Small-Town Assistant” series! I hope you enjoy 🙂

***A bit of a disclaimer before I get this post started: this is not what a “normal” Wednesday looks like for me. Normally, I have two to three hours worth of lessons and a French lesson of my own, but due to a teacher absence and L needing to study for a big test of his own, I ended up having the day off. So, keep that in mind for this day–normally, I am a lot busier!

6:45–Time to wake up! Like most mornings, I spent a bit of time waking up and scrolling through social media on my phone.

7:30–Since arriving in France, I have done daily journaling about what I do every day (essentially these blog posts without the time stamps and in list format), so I spent some time journaling about what I had done on Tuesday.

7:45–I sat down with a cup of lemon and honey tea to write out a blog post for later this month.

8:40–Being too hungry to continue concentrating, I made and ate breakfast (oatmeal/PB/banana).


9:00–After breakfast, I listened to some podcasts and tidied up the kitchen a bit.

9:35–I would say this is where my standard “morning routine” got started, as I began getting ready for my day.

10:00–In an effort to try and (finally) finish my first capstone project for my online class, I did a bit of work before I had to head next door and tutor a student.

10:30-I headed to the academic buildings and tutored one of the three students to whom I give extra English lessons for an hour. After our session was over, I hung out in the classroom to film myself “teaching” for the last part of the capstone project for my online class.

12:00–Around noon, I went back to my apartment to submit my video and peer-review other students videos. While I was waiting for my video to upload to YouTube, I cooked lunch (lentils and baked vegetables). Uploading the video took way longer than I expected it to, so I ended up spending a good chunk of time reading Harry Potter, eating some biscuits and drinking tea while I waited (and waited and waited).

14:00–The video was finally uploaded!! As the weather was beautiful on Wednesday, I knew I had to take full advantage of a rare, sunny, 58-degree day in January and I decided to go on a nice long walk. To save time between the end of my walk and going to the gym, I decided to bring my gym bag with me to leave at L’s apartment before starting my walk. Upon arriving at his flat, I discovered his door was locked and he wasn’t answering my phone calls, so I ended up reading Harry Potter on the plaza outside the church for a bit.


14:40–After I’d read a few pages of Harry Potter, L looked at his phone and saw my texts, so he let me in and I was able to start my walk along the river.


15:45–When I came back from my walk, L made me a cup of tea and I helped him study for the big test he had to take on Thursday and Friday.

17:35–Gym time (and a nice sunset photo!)


18:45–After a nice session at the gym, we heading back to L’s place and talked for a bit.

20:00–L took me home and I ate dinner (fried eggs/prepped veggies/two slices of bread/orange) while reading some more Harry Potter. Then, I showered and got ready for bed.

21:35–Even though it was only 9:30, I was really tired (probably by the super taxing day I just had), so I laid in bed and tried to finish the chapter of Harry Potter I had started reading.

22:05-Lights out!!

Thanks for reading my Wednesday recap and check back on Saturday for my last recap post!

Until next time,


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