A Day in the Life of a Small-Town Assistant: Friday Edition

Hello and welcome back to the sixth and final installment in the “Day in the Life of a Small-Town Assistant” series! I hope you enjoy 🙂

5:40–I woke up a bit earlier than normal and spent some time on my phone scrolling through Instagram.

6:10–Given that I had more time to myself this morning, I decided to have a cup of red fruit tea with lemon & honey and read the last chapter of my Harry Potter book.

6:40–I finished Harry Potter! Afterward, I finished my tea while watching some videos on YouTube.

7:15–I started typical morning routine-one nice thing about waking up so early is I could take my sweet time getting ready, which is something I thoroughly enjoy doing.

7:55–Time for breakfast! Today’s breakfast consisted of goat’s milk yogurt/an apple/trail mix/a dash of cinnamon, which I enjoyed while I caught up on journaling.

8:20–It was almost time for my first (and only) class of the day, so I left for the academic buildings and got myself ready to work.

8:30-For this class of secondes, I very much fulfill the role of “assistant”: I work with the whole class to answer questions and talk with students individually on whatever lesson their teacher is working with them on this day. After the class, I returned my Harry Potter book and picked up the next one.

9:45–Once I got back at the apartment, I logged onto the SNCF app to discover that the train I was planning to take to Auxerre that afternoon had been canceled, thereby putting a kink in my Friday plans. While I could have taken a train a lot later in the day or a BlaBlaCar early in the afternoon, I decided to spend the day in Clamecy instead.

9:50-With an unexpected free day, I decided to do everything I had been putting off for Monday on Friday, starting with finishing my online class.

10:20–After my online class, I started my deep clean of the kitchen, in addition to tidying up my bedroom and doing laundry.

11:40–Done! A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen 🙂


12:05–After my power cleaning session, I sat down with lunch (a bunch of lentils/roasted vegetables/a bit of cheese/bread) and watched the last episode of “Chef’s Table: France”.

12:45–The lack of rain on Friday afternoon meant it was the perfect time to walk to Auchan (aka, the supermarket) to pick up some groceries.

14:05–I made it back from Auchan! It might seem like an hour and 20 minutes is a long time, but with the 25-minute walk to and from, I was pretty pleased with my efficiency.

14:20–After Auchan, I sat down with a cup of red fruit tea with lemon & honey and watched “The Good Place”.

14:40–Around 14:40, L made it home from his big test in Dijon and we spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out, watching “Stranger Things” and talking.

Given that my Friday was not as exciting as I was anticipating, I am going to add my day trip to Avallon to this post.

On Saturday morning, L had an appointment with CarGlass in Avallon to get his front windshield replaced and I decided to accompany him there.

After we dropped the car off at the CarGlass, we took a quick stroll to the centre ville to check out the Saturday marché. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Clamecy market but the market in Avallon was so, so nice. There were tons of vendors both inside and outside and overall, it was just lovely!


We walked around the centre ville a little bit before heading back to drop off the groceries and collect the car. We parked the car a little bit closer the centre ville and spent some time exploring: we visited the main church in town, went into a few shops, and saw the infamous Avallon clock tower.


To conclude our afternoon in Avallon, L and I headed to lunch at Dame Jeanne. If you are ever in Avallon, I would highly recommend this restaurant. The food wasn’t too pricey and everything tasted great! Plus, it is a salon de thé, so they have tons of tea and hot beverage options for you to choose from to conclude your meal.


After a lovely lunch, we headed back to the car and made it home to Clamecy. Overall, we had a wonderful half-day in Avallon 🙂

Thanks for reading and check back soon for more!

Until next time,


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