Learning Something New: Pronunciation

For this months edition of “Learning Something New”, we are going to talk all about every French learner’s favorite topic: pronunciation.

I’ve come a long way in my pronunciation skills since my first French class freshman year of high school, but I definitely still struggle with some sounds. Just as lots of Frenchies learning English struggle with the /th/ and /r/ sounds, I have a hard time with /rou/ sounds at the beginning of words (think rouge and route) and some /eu/ sounds (think euro and heureux).

If you, like me, don’t understand why some French sounds are the way they are, this video by Sebastian Marx helps to explain why French pronunciation is both lovely and terribly difficult:

In an effort to master these very French sounds, I’ve used tongue twisters to try and make some improvements. Whether you are a new French learner or have been speaking French for decades, the YouTube channel Frenchsounds can be a valuable resource! She has videos on nearly every pronunciation sound so you can pick and choose which one you listen to based on what sound(s) you have trouble with.

Going back to the topic tongue twisters, the examples in this video, in particular, are the bane of my existence. Even if you don’t speak any French, you can give the video a try 🙂

Happy pronunciation practice!

Thanks for reading and check back soon for more!

Until next time,


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