Vacances d’hiver Recap #2: Bâle, Switzerland

Hello and welcome back to the second of six vacances d’hiver vacation updates! My travel companion (who will, from here on out, be referred to as MTC J) and I spent the vacances d’hiver travelling to Besançon (FR), Bâle (SWZ), Bern (SWZ), Geneva (SWZ), Annecy (FR), and Lyon, specifically Thurins (FR). Without further ado, let’s get started with part two of the recap, featuring the charming city of Bâle, Switzerland!

Dimanche 11 fevrier 2018

The drive between Besançon and Bâle is about two hours, so we arrived at our Airbnb around 14h00. After getting settled, we headed to a cafe just across the street for a late lunch (pumpkin and goat cheese quiche).


After a quick stop back at the Airbnb to grab our map and an umbrella, we headed out on our own 2 ½ hour “walking tour” of the city.


We were able to see quite a bit of the city and even though it was a cloudy, rainy Sunday, it was lovely and relaxing still.


We made it back to our Airbnb and watched “Think Like a Man Too” (not as good as the first one but not bad either), ate dinner, and fell asleep.

Lundi 12 fevrier 2018

After waking up on Monday morning and eating breakfast/getting ready/packing up the car/checking out of our Airbnb, we headed to the first of our two final Bâle destinations: the Bâle Zoo (the largest zoo in Switzerland!).


Even though it was pretty chilly, we still saw lots of animals!


After spending 2 ½ hours at the zoo, we headed to destination number two: the Munster Cathedral.


When we had walked past in on Sunday afternoon, we arrived less than five minutes after it closed and couldn’t go inside, so we made it a point to come back on Monday morning. Unlike many of the churches in France that are open all the time, the churches in Switzerland do not hold the same policy to be true, as we would come to learn over the course of the remainder of our vacation. I’m really glad we decided to visit again because the inside was really beautiful. While we didn’t want to do it due to the frigid weather, you can pay 5,00 CHF to climb up to the top of the cathedral to what I am assuming is a wonderful view of the city.

We meandered through the streets around the cathedral for a bit before finding a supermarket to pick up some foods for lunch. (Pretzels-quiche-Oreos). I introduced MTC to double stuffed Oreos (aka, the superior type of all the Oreos) and I am happy to report that he feels the same say about them.


We ate our aforementioned lunch in the car before saying “Ciao” to Bâle and driving to destination number three: Bern, Switzerland!

Thanks for reading my second vacances d’hiver recap post and check back soon for more.

Until next time,


2 Thoughts

  1. I’ve been meaning to go to Bâle (Basel) for a while; I wanted to ask if it was a hassle crossing borders, as Switzerland isn’t part of the EU? Did you have to go through customs and show your passport? Looking forward to your next post on Bern– love that city!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nope, there was no hassle at all! Granted, I was in the car with someone who has a French license plate, so maybe that had something to do with it, but they didn’t bother to check our passports.

      Liked by 2 people

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