Vacances d’hiver Recap #5: Annecy, France

Hello and welcome back to the fifth of six vacances d’hiver vacation updates! My travel companion (who will, from here on out, be referred to as MTC J) and I spent the vacances d’hiver travelling to Besançon (FR), Bâle (SWZ), Bern (SWZ), Geneva (SWZ), Annecy (FR), and Lyon, specifically Thurins (FR). Without further ado, let’s get started with part five2 of the recap, featuring the breathtaking city of Annecy, France!

Jeudi 15 fevrier 2018

The first thing we did after arriving in Annecy was grabbing lunch at a restaurant near our Airbnb.


Y’all this restaurant deserves a whole paragraph to itself—we went to Yatta! Ramen and it was by far one of the best meals that MTC and I ate during our vacation (and that includes the fondue in Switzerland!). For less than 10 or 11 euros (depending on what protein you choose), you can get a giant bowl of deliciously filling ramen. I got the Ramen Volaille, which compromised of ramen noodles, house-made broth, a breaded turkey breast, mushrooms, seaweed, arugula, green onions, and a soft-boiled egg. Ugh, so, so, so good!!


We headed back to the Airbnb for about half an hour to charge our electronics. Even though the weather was less than ideal, we headed out to do some exploring.


After a quick stop at the tourist office to grab a map, we decided to take one of their recommended, self-guided walking tours, and we were able to see a lot of the city over the course of the afternoon.


After 3 hours of walking around, we headed back in the direction of our Airbnb and on the way, stopped at Carrefour to grab stuff for dinner. Back at our place, we cooked and ate dinner before settling in to watch “Everything, Everything” (the book is wonderful but the movie is not). We only made it half an hour in before switching to watch “The Social Network” and falling asleep.

Vendredi 16 fevrier 2018

We rounded out our time in Annecy on Friday morning with a visit to the Chateau d’Annecy. The castle is not super big, but it houses a pretty large collection of artwork, ranging from a local Annecy artist to original castle furniture to a modern art exhibit. There is also a small museum completely focused on the lakes, rivers, and aquatic life in the Annecy region.


We spent just over an hour at the castle and overall, it was really lovely! It was first time visiting a real castle (outside of Guedélon), and I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Just after noon, we said au revoir to Annecy and started our two-hour drive to MTC’s hometown, Thurins, France!

Thanks for reading my fifth vacances d’hiver recap post and check back soon for more.

Until next time,


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