Vacances d’hiver Recap #6: Lyon (Thurins), France

Hello and welcome back to the sixth of six vacances d’hiver vacation updates! My travel companion (who will, from here on out, be referred to as MTC J) and I spent the vacances d’hiver travelling to Besançon (FR), Bâle (SWZ), Bern (SWZ), Geneva (SWZ), Annecy (FR), and Lyon, specifically Thurins (FR). Without further ado, let’s get started on the final recap post, featuring the quaint small town of Thurins, France!

Unlike the last five recaps, I am going to structure this one a little differently. MTC and I spent an entire week in Thurins and I didn’t take a single picture. For as much time as we spent with MTC’s family and friends, we also spent a lot of time relaxing and watching series. We spent eight days in Thurins, so here are eight highlights from our trip 🙂

Day 1: Crêpes for Dinner
MTC told me on Thursday afternoon that his parents were going to cook us dinner on Friday night, but that it would be a surprise. I asked two questions: is it a traditional Bourgogne food and/or is it a traditional French food? After he told me yes to the latter, I guessed crêpes right off the bat.

When I first saw the giant pile of crêpes that MTC’s dad had made, I totally doubted our ability to eat them all. But never saw never, because between the five of us, we managed to eat them all and I’ve never eaten so many crêpes in my entire life. Crêpes with jam, Nutella, peanut butter, a mix of those three…my food baby was so real.

Day 2: La Casa de Papel (Money Heist)
Saturday consisted of spending the afternoon watching 4+ episodes of La Casa de Papel. I was on the fence about the show after reading the synopsis, but I was hooked after the first episode. It’s so good! Even though it is a Spanish TV show, you can watch it in English (or with subtitles in English if you don’t like watching dubbed TV shows, which is what we did).

Day 3: Hillsong Lyon and Chinese Food
On Sunday morning, MTC and I checked another thing off my Bucketlist: attending a Hillsong Lyon service. Like every Hillsong service I have attended so far, it was lovely and everything that I needed.

After church, we met up with MTC’s family and uncle at a Chinese restaurant for buffet. They had a ton of options, plus a make your own stir-fry station, and everything was really delicious.

Day 4: A Lovely Lunch and Playing Golf
MTC’s younger sister invited a friend over for lunch on Monday and we enjoyed a lovely lunch together, which consisted of dried sausages with crackers as an aperitif, salmon and fries, green beans, bread with cheese, and a homemade cookie cake with coffee. Again, the food baby was so, so real but also worth it.

That afternoon. I taught MTC and his mom how to play the card game “golf”. I tried to explain it in French with moderate success but thankfully, MTC helped me fill in the gaps. I love this card game and the fact that I was able to play with both of them, and they both enjoyed it, was a perfect way to spend the afternoon.

Day 5: Shopping at Part Dieu
MTC’s mom and sister dedicated Tuesday to going shopping at the Part Dieu mall with MTC and I. I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to spend her money, but I told myself that I would treat myself a bit, which I stuck to! I got some pajama’s from Primark (best $15 I have ever spent), some clothes from Modcloth, a tea infuser and two different types of tea leaves (Mint and Kir Royale), and a new iPhone charger. MTC, being the wonderfully generous guy that he is, treated me a little bit with something I have been after for since before I left for France: a Longchamp bag. Even though I wasn’t super keen on him spending money on me like that, I am really, really happy with the purchase and I love the purse a lot 🙂

Day 6: A Day on Yummy Food
For lunch on Wednesday, it was MTC and I’s turn to cook for the family! We made a huge salad, steak, cheese with bread, and my fondant au chocolat with vanilla ice cream and coffee.

On Wednesday night, we headed to dinner at MTC’s friend’s house for a delicious dinner of too many appetizers to list out, croziflette, bread with cheese, and îles flottant. Plus, they had two adorable pups, which filled my heart to the top ❤

Day 7: Change of Plans
We had originally planned on going to Grenoble on Thursday, but after waking up around 5h30, we made the decision to stay home for the day and promptly fell back asleep until 9h00 (which is really late for me!). We ended up watching the last 3 episodes of “Money Heist” (shout-out to online streaming sites for allowing us to watch the second season), watched the Olympics, and played golf again with his mom. Even though it wasn’t the day we originally planned for, it was a good day nonetheless.

Day 8: The Best Kebab in Thurins
Before we headed back to Clamecy on Friday afternoon, we accompanied MTC’s dad on his Friday lunch tradition of eating Kebab. For my state-side friends who don’t know what kebab is, it is like a gyro, but the Turkish version. Ugh, it was delicious and is definitely in the top five of kebabs I’ve tried.

There we have it: my week in Thurins recap post. Overall, I had a lovely, relaxing vacation with MTC. I am ready and rejuvenated for these next six weeks in Clamecy and the ever-impending end to my TAPIF contract (L).

Until next time,


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