One Last Weekend in Beaune

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to return to Beaune for one last time and spend the weekend with the family who has welcomed me in with open arms. While it was bittersweet to know that this will be the last time I see them, at least for a little while, I know it’s not forever – soon enough, I’ll be back again.

I hope you enjoy my recap of my weekend in Beaune!

After a train and a BlaBlaCar, I made it to Beaune around 4pm. M-H (I’m not sure if I’ve given her a nickname yet, but here it is!) picked me up from the train station and we made a quick trip to the supermarket to buy some food for the weekend. After returning to their house and getting settled, I hung out with M-H in the kitchen while she baked a cake. When she and her husband were doing their evening work with the animals (for context, they live on a farm), I listened to/read HP and watched a bit of TV. When they finished their work, M-H, her husband LT, and I ate a lovely spaghetti dinner and spent the rest of the evening relaxing before heading to bed.

On Saturday morning, we woke up to lots and lots of rain and consequently had to change our original plans to go to the Beaune marché. After enjoying a simple breakfast, we hopped in the car and headed to our Plan B destination for the day: Dijon!

After we arrived in Dijon, we started off by exploring the Halles de Dijon, a huge, covered market in the city center. While we didn’t end up buying anything, it was still really fun to walk around and see all the food stands.


Our next stop in our visit to Dijon was the Palais de Ducs and the Musée des Beaux-Arts. I really enjoyed the museum and with the audio guide, I learned a lot about the pieces in the museum, in addition to the architecture of the building itself.


We worked up an appetite walking around the museum, so we headed out to lunch at Le Temps des Ducs right outside the museum. I ordered the Burgundy Tasting Plate, which was compromised of: jambon persillé – eggs en meurette – escargot – beef bourguignon – comté – lemon creme with gingerbread. It was so good and so worth it.


On our way back to the Beaune, we stopped at a food festival called Journées Gourmandes. The way it was set up, it is something that you should go hungry to because every stall was selling plates of food. Nevertheless, I still liked walking around and seeing everything they had to offer.


After a few more stops on the way back to Beaune, we made it back to the house around 5pm. Again while they did their evening work, I did Sukoku and listened to Harry Potter. Later, I helped M-H with dinner and we enjoyed a salmon/zucchini quiche together.

I was super excited for the evening because I got to spend some time with my best friend (aka, the infant daughter of M-H and LT’s oldest son – she smiley and adorable and gives me my baby fix). All of us relaxed and talked together for the rest of the evening before heading to bed.

After breakfast on Sunday morning, LT took me to a nearby city to visit the Imaginarium – a wine cave/museum located in Nuits St. George. After a 30-minute light and sound show about the growing and production of wine, there we got to taste 4 different, grand/premiere cru wines, all of which were lovely.


When we got back to the house, the whole family ate lunch together and we sat around the table talking for a few hours before they had to take me to the train station for my travels back home.

Overall, I had an amazing, relaxing weekend in Beaune and I’m excited to make it back there one day.

Until next time,


2 Thoughts

  1. Dear sweet Michaela

    Today is Ellie’s 14th birthday! I have just returned from Nashville Tennessee where I led a three day conference. I read every word of what you send, and I do so with a great sense of joy and pride in seeing you submit everything to God’s direction. We miss you so much, and now you can see that you have touched the hearts of people internationally!!! We love you

    In Christ, Bp. Keith L. Ackerman, SSC

    “Ego Autem In Medio Vestrum Sum Sicut Qui Ministrat”

    See our websites:

    “Christ has no body but yours; no hands, no feet on earth but yours. Yours are the eyes through which His Compassion looks out upon the world. Yours are the feet with which He walks to do Good. Yours are the hands with which he Blesses all the world.” St. Teresa of Avila


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