Vacances Scolaires Recap #1: London, England

Hello, hello and welcome to the first of two vacances scolaires London recap posts. I had the amazing opportunity to go to London with six other teachers and 84 students for four/five days. This recap post will be everything from Sunday to Tuesday and the second will be from Wednesday to Friday. On y va!

Dimanche 25 mars 2018
We had a long day on Sunday because we weren’t set out to leave for London until almost midnight on Sunday. After a day spent packing and trying to mentally prepare to be working with such a big group of students for a week, all of us boarded the bus around 23:30 and we left right on time at 23:45 for London!

Lundi 26 mars 2018
Monday was a lonnnnnnnng day. Thankfully, I was able to fall asleep on the bus for 4-5 hours and woke up when we arrived in Calais. We were given an hour to get out of the car and stretch our legs, grab a coffee and eat breakfast. We were able to see a few of the statues around the train station, which was really nice.


I wasn’t able to visit the north of France during my stay this time around, but it makes me really excited to go back one day!

Once we got back on the bus, we drove for less than 30 minutes before hitting the border. We spent over two hours waiting to get past customs and board the ferry to Dover. After a two-hour ferry ride across the English Channel, we made it to Dover around noon. Once we made it to London, our first stop was the Imperial War Museum.


I’m not super into war museums but it was interesting nonetheless. We explored for an hour and a half or so before getting back on the bus.


We had to drive an hour or so outside of London to get to the meeting point to get our students connected to their host families. We had to wait for quite a while for all the students to get picked up and us teachers were finally cleared to go to our host families around 8pm. Once at our host’s home, we ate dinner (turkey sausage – mashed potatoes – Yorkshire pudding – peas), showered, and hit the hay.

Mardi 27 mars 2018
Tuesday morning started with a breakfast of toast and probably the best cup of English breakfast tea I’ve ever drunk. We left for our meeting point, boarded the bus, and drove into London.

When we got into the city, we started with a visit at the Tate Modern, a sort of art museum with killer views if you go up to the 10th floor 🙂


Our visit to the Tate Modern lasted less than an hour before we gathered the students and walked right down the street for a guided tour of the Globe Theatre! It was pretty cool and even though I’m not super into Shakespeare, our guide made the visit very enjoyable.


We all ate our packed lunches outside the theatre and we made out way back to the bus once again and drove to Whitechapel for our Jack-the-Ripper tour.


I knew next to nothing about Jack-the-Ripper before the tour, but it was probably one of my favorite things we did in London! Our tour was in French (which many of the students were thankful for after having to listen to so much English) but it was easy enough for me to understand and our guide was so, so incredible. If you get the chance to do a tour like this in London, I couldn’t recommend it enough!!

After our Jack-the-Ripper tour, we headed back on the bus (you’ll get tired of reading that phrase by the end of this post) and made it to our final excursion for the day: King’s Cross Station!


While I didn’t get to take a picture at Station 9 3/4 (it was crazy busy and we only had 45 minutes at the station), we did get to visit the little Harry Potter boutique to pick up some souvenirs.

Of course, we got back on the bus after the visit and made it back to our host’s house. We ate a lovely dinner together (lamb spaghetti bolognese – garlic bread – salad), the three of us female teachers played a card game together, and we went to bed around 10pm.

Thanks for reading the first London recap post and check back later this week for part two!

Until next time,


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