Everything’s Bigger in Texas

I’ve officially been home from France for just over a week—if I’m being honest, it still feels a bit weird to be home. I keep expecting for someone to speak to me in French, give me bisous upon greeting, and fall back into the slow-and-steady French way of life. Instead, I’m thinking in both languages and muttering words of franglais, giving endless hugs when seeing friends for the first times in months (one of the things I missed the most!), and been thrown back into the fast-paced, busy American culture.

After I arrived in good ‘ole Chicago last Wednesday afternoon, I spent approximately 2 ½ days in a strange, jet-lagged, foggy-minded state before hopeing back on a plane Saturday morning and flying down to one of my favorite places to relax and spend time with family and friends (and surprise quite a few people!): Texas.

It was amazing to be back in Texas after being away for nine months. I was able to spend time with my aunt and uncle and family friends, visit with my church family of whom I missed dearly, relax in the sun and in the pool with a good book, and visit TCU to see mentors/my French teacher/colleagues/friends all before heading home the following Wednesday morning.

I took a grand total of one picture over those four days, so we’re doing something a bit different on the blog today. Please enjoy a short recap of my thoughts from being in Texas again after nine months!

16 Thoughts on Texas from a Girl Fresh from France:

  1. OMG, has the sun always been this powerful? Why is it so hot here?? No wonder people drink buckets of sweet tea in the south.
  2. Texas highways: where the traffic lanes are endless and so is the construction.
  3. These houses are literally ginormous. Who needs that many bedrooms?
  4. There are a million options on this lunch menu. I will never choose.
  5. Ah, Mexican food – it’s like reuniting with an old friend: You get teary-eyed from the spice, but you’re also filled with joy because it’s just so good.
  6. Kroger, why do you only have two French red wine? We are trying to celebrate here.
  7. We just paid $12 for a bottle of Beaujolais that would cost 3 euros in France. Le vin français qui n’est pas chèr, tu me manques.
  8. Gosh, produce is expensive here. I miss my 1.60 euros/kilo of apples.
  9. Mexican food, Italian food, Chinese food, Barbeque, Melt Ice Cream, more Mexican—I think my body is confused by this food-culture conglomeration.
  10. I just sat through a church service and I understood every word/was able to follow along without a book. What a life.
  11. Yay, back to campus! I missed you, I missed you, I missed you.
  12. The French Department – finally! I’m home!
  13. My French teacher and I are having coffee and bonding over our experiences abroad and France in general and it’s truly incredible. He’s the best.
  14. I’ve given and received so many high-quality hugs over the last four days and I am here for it. #blessed
  15. How do you calculate a restaurant tip again?
  16. It’s true – everything really is bigger in Texas.

Thanks for reading and check back soon for more!

Until next time,


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