Grad School Goals – The Big Picture

Week one of grad school is officially over! Woohoo!! Even though this has been a long week of classes, starting work at two different jobs on campus, and getting started on the mounds of readings I’ll be doing this semester, it’s been a fun and rewarding week; I’m excited to see what I accomplish in this program and discover more about where I’m being led to lead and serve.

Just as I created goals for my year in France, I’ve decided to create goals for grad school as well. I’ve decided to call these my “big picture goals” out of simplicity – they are meant to be broad and open-ended so that each month, I can create smaller, more personalized goals for each month depending on my impending schedule for that month.

I’ve decided on three main categories, each with a few subcategories beneath it.

(1) Self-Care

  • Body – Regular to semi-regular workouts
  • Mind – Yoga, journaling, reading, etc.
  • Soul – Church/prayer/reading my Bible

(2) Academia

  • Stay on top of my schoolwork
  • Solid reading and notetaking
  • French

(3) Finances/Misc

  • Budget
  • Loan Payments and Rent
  • Blogging

So, from these categories and subcategories, I’ll create my monthly goals and (hopefully) update my progress on the blog.

I should say before I sign off that I know that my blog is in the midst of transition. What started off as a TAPIF/France blog is going to turn into a graduate student blog – at least for the next 3 semesters. I’m quite thankful for everyone who follows my blog (big shout-out to my family who make up a big portion of my followers) and I thoroughly enjoy writing about my life, the experiences I have, and my travels.

Whether you’ve been with me since day one or this is the first You Had Me at Bonjour post you’ve read, thank you and check back soon for more.

Until next time,



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