Grad School Goals & Life Updates – December

As if November didn’t creep up and pass fast enough, here we are at the beginning of December! I have four full days of class left, two weeks left on campus, and sixteen days until I leave for France – the semester is flying by unbelievably fast but I’m having tons of fun and learning so, so much.

A quick note – while the blog has been pretty dormant for the past four months, I am planning on writing quite a bit while I’m back in France over break, so get pumped for that!

As always, please enjoy a recap of my November goals and a December goals update 🙂

November Goals – Recap

(1) Self-care

  • Meditate every day, not just on weekdays
    • I was doing so well on this goal…until Thanksgiving break. Therefore, we are going to try this goal again for December.
  • Run 56 miles [X*]
    • This is a Nov-Dec goal and it’s coming along nicely! 
  • Read books for fun this month 
    • I didn’t read 3 books but I did read two. For the life of me, I can’t remember the name of the first one but the second one I read was Puddin’ by Julie Murphy – it was a cute, easy read!

(2) Academia

  • Get those final papers and projects done [X]
    • Not all my projects are 100% done, but I made really great progress so this is getting an ‘X’.

(3) Finances/Misc

  • Pay rent/loans/credit cards on time [X]
  • Write more than one blog post this month
    • Absolute fail – you win some you lose some
  • Only pay with my credit card this month and don’t exceed a set amount of dollars [X]

December Goals

I only have a few goals for this month, so I’m not going to divide them up into categories like I normally do. 

  1. Meditate every day in December
  2. Complete my 56 miles
  3. Finish the semester strong
  4. Enjoy my time in France to the fullest extent
    • Y’all don’t even know how excited I am for Christmas markets, great food (give me all the foie gras, s’il te plâit!), and of course, seeing mon chéri 


Thanks for reading and check back soon for more!

Until next time,



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