Destination: Obernai, Strasbourg, and Colmar, France

Just two days after I arrived in France, L and I zipped out of Clamecy early Friday morning and headed to his sister’s place in Obernai, France, about 30 minutes outside of Strasbourg. L’s sister (let’s nickname her P) recently started working as a librarian at a collége in Obernai, so we used the vacances de Noel as a perfect excuse to pay her a visit, explore the wonderful Christmas markets of the northeast, and check off another destination from my bucket list 🙂

After we got settled into P’s lovely little apartment, we drove up to Strasbourg to start exploring!

Honestly, the Strasbourg Christmas Markets are absolutely everything they are cracked up to be. Even just being there during the day and early evening was magical – I’m sure that at night with all the lights it is even more amazing.

After spending about 3 hours walking around, we finally decided it was time for food. I got massive sauerkraut and sausage plate (and a vin chaud, of course!) and it did not disappoint.

After chowing down, we spent another hour and a half or so just walking around and exploring the little shops and taking in all the Christmas magic!

Later that evening after driving back to Obernai, the three of us spent the evening relaxing, eating dinner, and watching movies before going to bed.

On Saturday morning, we hopped in the car and drove to Colmar to explore yet another Christmas market!

If I’m being honest, we mostly just spend a TON of time walking around, window shopping, and exploring the market and churches in the area. And of course, you can’t be in Alsace and not get a pretzel and another vin chaud 🙂

After 4 1/2 hours, we left the Christmas markets and headed back to Obernai to again, relax, eat dinner, and watch movies before heading to sleep.

On Sunday, we had a long day of travel from Obernai to L & P’s parent’s home in Thurins, but I’ll leave you with one more gem of a photo (sorry P, love you!)

Thanks for reading and check back soon for more!

Until next time,


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