Grad School Goals & Life Updates: January

It’s that time again! The new semester has begun – today is actually my first day of class – and it’s time to make some goals for my first month back. Since I only have two weeks of January left, my goals for this month are going to be pretty minimal and standard, but still goals nonetheless. On y va!

Grad School Goals – January

(1) Self-Care

  • Ease back into my running game – run 5 2-milers at increasingly faster paces
  • Log 10,000 steps/day
  • Ease back into my meditation routine – meditate for 14 days straight
  • Read one book for fun

(2) Academia

  • Settle into my new schedule and create a new weekly routine
  • Stay on top of my readings/notes
  • Begin doing independent research with a professor (if possible)

(3) Finances & Other

  • Balance my budget 1x/week
  • Pay loans and rent on time

This goals list/blog post is a whole lot shorter than the normal, but that’s a-okay. Thanks for checking in and check back soon for more.

Until next time,


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