Grad School Goals & Life Updates: March

Holy moly, it’s already March! While January felt slow, February flew by in the blink of an eye. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying spending the last two weeks with L, and while that has meant I didn’t 100% succeed in accomplishing my February goals, it’s been worth it 🙂

As per usual, let’s start with a recap of my February goals.

Grad School Goals – February

(1) Self-Care/Personal

  • Don’t skip church or bible study this month
    • I was going well with the goal until the last two weeks of the month – with all the traveling back-and-forth to home with L being here, I missed the last few Sundays of the month. It’s okay – I’m not perfect, but God is and that’s pretty rad.
  • Read three books for fun
    • Ugh, so close. I read Dare to Lead by BrĂ©ne Brown, Le petit prince by Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry (only took ten years of me studying French for me to read it…) and I’m still working on Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I did get through 2 1/2 books though, and I’d say that’s pretty good.
  • Work on my 8-minute mile goal [X]
    • As I stated last month, I was going to work toward this goal by working toward a solid 9-minute mile time. Here’s my running log for this past month so y’all can see the progress I made.

(2) Academia

  • Make a good start on my research with a professor [X]
    • It’s a S L O W process, but we are making progress on this!
  • Decide on a place to do my MSW internship for the Fall [X]
    • Now that it’s official, I can happily say that I will be volunteering at the Illinois Leadership Center this fall and I am SO pumped about it!

(3) Finances & Others

  • Give myself grace with my spending this month [X]
    • It was really tough to give myself grace with this, but I think I did it!
  • Pay loans and rent on time [X]
    • Y’all know the drill

Grad School Goals – March

(1) Self-Care/Personal

  • Work on my 8-minute mile goal
    • Yup, we’re working on this goal again. This month, I want to get to at least an 8:45 mile, if not an 8:40 mile. We’ll see if I get there in the next 31-days…
  • Journal at least once a week
  • Decrease my average screen time on my phone by 25%

(2) Academia

  • Get back into a solid school/study/working routine
    • While of course, I’ve loved L being here for the past two weeks, it has really thrown me off my daily/weekly schedule. In addition, my Greece study abroad class starts next week, so my schedule is about to get a bit crazier.
  • Get ahead on my school work
    • I have a feeling that March is going to be a busy but very productive month for me, so I am going to hone in on that and use it as motivation to work really hard on my school work.

(3) Financial/Misc.

  • Pay rent/loans on time
  • Stay within my monthly grocery/food budget

Life Updates

  1. I’m so, so excited because I am actually going to do something fun for spring break – I’m going to spend a long weekend with my best friend from elementary school in NYC! This will be my first time in NYC (and my first time on the east coast!) and you best believe that I will be taking lots of pictures and blogging about it afterward.

Thanks for reading and check back soon for more!

Until next time,


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