Destination: New York City – Part One

For my spring break this year, I decided that I wanted to go on a little weekend getaway. After scouring StudentUniverse for the cheapest tickets I could find and speaking with my best friend from elementary school (who decided she wanted to be called V for this blog) about coming out to visit, I bought my tickets for New York City!

This trip was my first time visiting New York City (my first time to the east coast even!), so while I wanted to do the touristy things, my main priority was just to explore and eat good food, which V and I most definitely did! Please enjoy the first of two recap posts all about our adventures in the Big Apple.

Friday, March 15, 2019

After a slightly delayed flight out of Chicago and multiple hours spent waiting on and trying to navigate the NYC public transportation system, I finally made it to V’s apartment in Hoboken around 8pm. After a few minutes spent getting situated into her place, we went out in search of dinner.

I had set my phone up to charge, and therefore forgot it, at V’s place during our dinner excursion, so I don’t have any pictures from that first night. I was blessed to go to NYC in the midst of great weather, so we took full advantage of it. We finally settled in on a hole-in-the-wall Thai food restaurant after she helped me to get acquainted with her city. After filling our bellies with curry and chatting like you wouldn’t believe, we scurried our way back to her apartment trying to stay as dry as possible despite the rainfall coming down on us.

With a long, adventure-filled Saturday in front of us, we both decided that it was time to hit the hay, so we did just that.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Our Saturday morning started off bright and early so that we could make it to the delicious Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant. V had told me that we would have to get there early because even though they open at 9, if you aren’t in line before 8:45 you are going to struggle to get a seat, and boy was she right! We arrived at the restaurant sometime around 8:35 and there wasn’t a line yet, so we decided it was safe to take a quick stroll around the block while we waited. When we made it back to the restaurant ten minutes later, there was quite a line already forming. Thankfully, we made it into the restaurant right away and quickly settled in with our menus to decide on our eats.

Obviously, we had to start our day out with some coffee (A latte for me, and mocha for her).

V had told me that Clinton St. Baking has the best pancakes ever, so of course I had to order them! They, of course, did not disappoint – both her order (chocolate chip) and mine (banana walnut) were amazing (and not to mention, so photogenic 🙂 )

We chatted throughout breakfast about our game plan for the day and decided to walk around and explore SoHo first. Of all the neighborhoods we visited we visited in NYC, this one was my favorite (but honestly, is anyone surprised? I can’t help it – I’ve got expensive taste).

V had told me that the Glossier flagship store was just around the corner, so we decided to give it a visit.

Y’all, I have never felt more bougie than I did in that Glossier store. It was (a) so aesthetically pleasing, (b) so pink, and (c) so luxurious. While I’ve never owned anything from Glossier (and somehow managed the will-power to walk away without buying anything either), I’ve been converted – I loveeeeeed all the products I tried. Even if you don’t plan on buying anything or even if you’re not into skin care and makeup products, it is a fun place to pop-in and visit.

When I first arrived to V’s apartment on Friday night, I commented on the very pretty jewelry she was wearing, and she instantly raved about a boutique called Mejuri. The shop wasn’t too far from the Glossier store, so we decided to go in so that I could see all the jewelry in person. It just so happened that Mejuri was running a free ear piercing event (with the purchase of the earring) at the time we were there. So, what started out as a fun trip to look at jewelry turned into both of us deciding to get our ear pierced! I am NOT one to make spontaneous decisions like this, but I’m honestly so happy we both got them done.

We both ended up getting pierced in the same spot – the third highest spot on the lobe on the left side – but chose different earrings. I have fallen so in love with this brand and their products; if I had all the money in the world, I would definitely buy every and any thing from this store. So beautiful and so worth it.

By this point, we had already had such a fun and adrenaline-filled day, and it was hardly past noon! We decided it was time to start conquering some of the items on my NYC bucket list, so we starting our trek to the next destination: Strand Book Store.

As lovers of books, V was more than happy to take me to explore Strand, and honestly, that place is a dream land. Comparable to Half-Price Books (but more expensive), there is literally every and any kind of book in this place. It is B E A U T I F U L.

We could not get over the title of this book – too funny!

V ended up picking up a fun, coffee table book and we were off again to our next destination: Ground Zero and the Oculus (AKA the World Trade Center Transportation Hub).

On our way there, we stopped into Washington Square Park. Of course, we had to get a picture in from the Arc de Triomphe-esque arch 🙂

I didn’t know the Oculus existed until we got there, but I was a bit taken aback by it’s architecture. It’s a really beautiful and unique building that houses many shops and is the convening point of dozens of metro and PATH lines.

Even though I was only 7 years old when the tragedy of 9/11 took place, it was still quite impactful to stand witness to the memorial. It is something that everyone should experience.

We took a bit of a breather in the Oculus (at this point, we had procured well over 17,000 steps) and I will say, it’s quite a nice place to do a bit of people watching. Feeling rejuvenated, we headed over the the Brooklyn Bridge.

You don’t really realize how big a bridge is until you start walking across it. Despite the chaos of people, it was well worth it. And of course, no trip across the Brooklyn Bridge is complete without a mini photo shoot 🙂

Being set on seeing Brooklyn, we decided to walk all the way across the bridge. Something I learned is that most people stop about 1/3 of the way across, take pictures, and walk back to Manhattan. V and I were pleasantly surprised at how few people there were after the halfway point. Plus it allowed me a chance to really absorb all the beauty that the Brooklyn Bridge and it’s views have to offer.

It took quite a bit of time, but we finally made it all the way across the bridge and into Brooklyn. We had decided earlier in the day that a wine bar for dinner was a must, but we made it into Brooklyn a bit early for dinner. To help us kill some time, we ended up doing a bit of thrift shopping at the ever so popular Buffalo Exchange. I didn’t take any pictures, but I did end up finding a few cute, summery items to bring with me to Greece, so you’ll be seeing pictures of my finds soon enough.

Around 6:15, we headed to our final destination of the day – dinner at Black Mountain Wine House. I wish I would have taken some pictures of the restaurant itself, because it was so cozy – somehow equally comparable to a wood cabin home as comparable to an upscale wine bar. Somehow, we were able to snag the last available table and ordered a glass of red wine each, in addition to a cheese board.

By this point, we were both incredibly tired after such a long day of walking (we somehow managed to reach 35,000 steps!), so we decided to make our way back to Hoboken to V’s apartment. We chatted, ate a few chocolate covered strawberries, watched some of “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”, and called it a night.

If you’ve stuck around to this end of this post, I commend you – that was a long one! Thanks for reading and check back soon for part two of my NYC spring break recaps.

Until next time,


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