Life Update: What the Rest of My Summer Looks Like

Now that I’ve been home from Europe for a few weeks and I’m finally getting back into the grove of being back in Champaign, I figured it was about time that I give you all a short and sweet update about what the rest of my summer looks like before I start my final (!) semester of my MSW.

Since I got back to Champaign the first week of June, I’ve been kept busy working my two jobs and picking back up on the research I started over the course of last semester. My evenings and weekends are filled with time spent with the college ministry at my church, building and deepening sweet friendships, and lots of hammocking.

In just a few short days, I’ll be heading back to one of my favorite places to serve as a church camp counselor for one week. I am so stoked and I can’t wait to see all my favorite middle schoolers again!

Less than two weeks after camp ends, something even more exciting is happening: L is coming back to the States for another three week visit ❤ While we’ve yet to create any concrete plans for traveling or even just activities to do while he’s here, I do know we are going to have some amazing adventures together.

Once he’s gone, I’ll have less of two weeks of work left and then I’ll be starting my new internship. I can already tell that the rest of this summer is absolutely going to fly by, but I’m excited for nonetheless.

Thanks for reading and check back soon for more.

Until next time,


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