Grad School Goals & Life Updates: August + September

Bonjour, salut, coucou!

I feel as though it has been forever since I posted something that wasn’t a poem, pictures, or a mixture of the two, but after a nice little blogging hiatus in July, we are back to regularly scheduled programming.

In a truly Michaela fashion, of course I have to ‘break my fast’ with none other than a “Grad School Goals” post!

I simply cannot believe that the summer is already over and back to school season is already upon us. It feels like yesterday that I was hopping on a plane to Greece for my study abroad program, and then I blinked and I am starting my final semester (!!) of my Master’s program. Dang, does time fly!

This semester, I am going to try something a little different on the blog and I am stating it here so that I will be held accountable. Last year, I fell into the habit of only posting my “Grad School Goals” posts…aka, sometimes only blogging once a month. This semester, however, I am going to challenge myself to post once a week. I think this is going to push me to be more creative with my writing, in addition to making whatever content I create to be more diverse. Wish me luck, people 🙂

Okay, back to the whole reason I’m writing the blog – it is time for my first “Grad School Goals” post of the semester. As of today (Aug 16th) I have officially started my field placement at the Illinois Leadership Center (ILC), so it’s time to start working toward a new set of goals.

(1) Academic

  • Be a “knowledge-sponge”
  • Get into a good schedule/routine with my internship/job/church/social life/etc.

(2) Health & Wellness

  • Complete the #100GluteChallenge (once in August and then again in September!)
  • Hit a 7:50 mile at least three times and a 7:45 mile at least twice
  • Complete 10 [good] knee pushups

(3) Financial

  • Make all payments (rent/credit cards/loans) on time
  • Spend less than $250 on groceries/food for the next six weeks

(4) Misc.

  • Read at least two books for fun
  • Sleep with my phone in another room and/or keep my phone turned off from 10pm to 7am.

Thanks for reading and check back soon for more!

Until next time,


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