Happiness Begins

Y’all. A dream of mine came true this past weekend.

Its 2019 and I went to a Jonas Brothers concert. My middle school self was absolutely thriving. Even more so, I went to the concert with my best friend and we rocked out H A R D.

Here’s a recap of my weekend spent in Chicago, living it up with my best friend, and enjoying myself to the fullest. I hope you enjoy.

As I stated in my last blog (I’m Here.), I planned on taking the train up to Chicago on Friday morning. However, after a very delayed train and a generous offer from a friend, I ended up riding up to Chicago with a friend who was heading into the city that day for work over the weekend.

We had an amazing car ride filled with so much soul-filling, beautiful conversation; my train getting delayed was a such a blessing in disguise, because talking with her and getting to know her better was everything that I didn’t know my soul needed.

We made it to the city around 1:30 and since neither of us had anywhere we had to be at a certain time, we decided to grab lunch. She had heard amazing things about Happy Camper, a pizza place in Old Town and Wrigleyville, so we decided to try it out. Y’all it was incredible. The pizza was super yummy and the whole ambiance was so aesthetically pleasing – I wish I had taken pictures of things besides my pizza, but trust me, it was super cool.

While we were walking to Happy Camper, we had seen a Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream shop and made the executive decision to stop there after lunch. After trying multiple flavors, I ended up deciding on a scoop of dairy-free cold brew with coconut cream – trust me, it was as amazing as it sounds.

On our way back to the car, we ran across this cute little shop and it’s name made me giggle 🙂

A short drive later and I was dropped of at my best friend’s apartment to start prepping for the concert. We decided to get there when the doors opened so we would have plenty of time to relax, buy merch, have a drink, and walk around before it began.

Overall, it was a really good concert! The openers were entertaining and obviously it was a dream to even be at a Jonas Brothers concert. My only qualms with the experience is that because we were sitting on the side of stage, we couldn’t always see what was going on. Also, I loved that they played through so many of their songs, but there was hardly any interaction or talking between them and the crowd (which I have come to realize I really enjoy). I definitely don’t regret it though – I’m so glad I went!

On Saturday morning, we were up bright and early to attend a St. Jude’s 5K walk/run for Alisha’s husband’s medical fraternity. Even though we were all exhausted from the night before, we made of the most of it. Plus, it was cool because we got to walk through Soldier Field at the end.

After the walk, we headed back to the apartment where we took some well-deserved rest. About an hour and a half later, we headed to a nearby rooftop bar and grill called Plymouth for lunch. I was there previously over the summer with L, and it was nice to go back. I got a roasted turkey cobb sandwich with sweet potato fries and it was perfection.

To help us walk off our new food babies, we went up to the Water Tower Place and did some window shopping (and a little bit of actual shopping too 🙂 ). I ended up running into two different sets of French people while we were out shopping, so it was pretty cool to be able to talk with them and see the surprise on their faces when I started speaking with them.

When we made it back home, the three of us relaxed and watched Netlfix for a bit while we waited for my best friend’s husband to finish studying for the night, and we headed out to a “Japanese Fusion Lounge” restaurant called niusushi.

Everything on the menu looked yummy, but the bowl of ramen was calling my name and there was no way I could say no.

We ended our night with wine, Netflix, and lots of laughs. It was a weekend for the books and a much needed one at that.

Thanks for reading and check back soon for more.

Until next time,


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