Grad School Goals & Life Updates: October

Happy October, everybody! I hope your days are being filled with all the glorious fall things. There are only 73 days until graduation (but who’s counting?) and only 3 more months to accomplish my 2019 goals and intentions. With that being said, let’s get into my recap of my August and September goals.

Grad School Goals Recap: August + September

(1) Academic

  • Be a “knowledge-sponge” [X]
    • I think I am doing a good job at this – I am learning a lot at my internship and I am really enjoying the work that I do.
  • Get into a good schedule/routine with my internship/job/church/social life/etc. [X]
    • Balance is happening and it makes me very excited!!

(2) Health & Wellness

  • Complete the #100GluteChallenge (once in August and then again in September!) [X]
    • I did the challenge through 100% in August, but only got about halfway through in September before I got bored of it. I will say that I feel a lot stronger though!
  • Hit a 7:50 mile at least three times and a 7:45 mile at least twice
    • This did not happen, but I let it slide because out of nowhere in late August, I hit a 26:26 5K time (only 26 seconds beyond my goal!) so that, in combination with the late summer heat, made me rather unmotivated to keep pushing myself so hard to run. I got a bit more creative with my workouts as the month went on, but now I am ready to hop back on the running train
  • Complete 10 [good] knee pushups
    • This also did not happen…whoops

(3) Financial

  • Make all payments (rent/credit cards/loans) on time [X]
  • Spend less than $250 on groceries/food for the next six weeks
    • I’m not quite sure what I was thinking setting my spending limit so low here, especially for six weeks worth of food when I knew I’d be traveling…I definitely did not stay in budget (not even close). I’m hoping to reign in it next month though.

(4) Misc.

  • Read at least two books for fun [X]
    • I read Mama Jane’s Secret by Chad Norris and reread Animal Farm.
  • Sleep with my phone in another room and/or keep my phone turned off from 10pm to 7am [X]
    • I wasn’t that great about not using my phone before 7am, but I did manage to turn it off and/or sleep with it in a different room 90% of the month.

Grad School Goals: October

(1) Academic/Professional

  • Push through my online class (aka the bane of my final-semester-in-school existence)
  • Apply to one job/week and stay organized with it
  • Revamp my LinkedIn page

(2) Health & Wellness

  • 10 minute isolated ab or glute workout everyday
  • Hit the 26 minute 5K

(3) Financial

  • Make all payments (rent/credit cards/loans) on time
  • Find balance in my spending habits
  • Tithe for each paycheck this month

(4) Misc.

  • Read 3 books for fun
  • Just breathe and enjoy this season of life

Life Updates: October is turning into a busy month! I head to Chicago this weekend to spend some time with V, my best friend from elementary school (you may remember her from my NYC blog post). Then I’ll be back in Chicago again the following Friday for an internship-related event. For the rest of that weekend I’ll be at a fall retreat for the college ministry I’m a part of on campus. Thankfully the end of the month is looking a little more chill, but I know I have some fun dinners and nights out being planned so I have those to look forward to as well. Overall, life is good.

Thanks for reading and check back soon for more.

Until next time,


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