When I left France in June, I was sad for a multitude of reasons.

Leaving meant hitting the “restart” button on L and I’s long-distance status.

I was saying goodbye to my belle-famille until Christmastime.

I was seeing some of my students for the last time before they graduated – before they moved on to bigger and brighter adventures.

I was saying à bientôt to my friends without knowing when we would see each other again.

Most of all, it broke my heart to say goodbye to the place I love and the place I found love until who-knows-when.

It’s been nearly six months and my heart aches to be back.

I love my life here in Champaign. I love the friends that have been placed in my life and the community I am surrounded by. I would venture so far as to say I feel at home here. Yet those feelings of homesickness remain.

Thankfully, those feelings will only last a few weeks longer – I’m going back to France.

In an unexpected change of plans, I’ll be spending another holiday season in my favorite place surrounded by some of my favorite people.

France, I’m coming for ya’ ❤

Thanks for reading and check back soon for more.

Until next time,


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