A Day in the Life of an Intern: Monday, November 18

As my days at the ILC are winding down (*tears*), this will be my final installment of my “day in the life of an intern” post series. Let me forewarn you that I did an absolutely terrible job at remembering to take pictures of what I was doing on this day, so I apologize for the lack of content in this blog in advance. With that being said, please enjoy a recap of a very standard Monday at the ILC!

As per usual, my day started early at the ATLAS Help Desk (aka, my student job). I worked there from 7:35am until 9am before walking up the quad to the ILC

9:15am – As I was feeling a cold coming on, I deemed Monday a “no coffee day”. Instead of my usual morning coffee and chats with colleagues, I got settled, filled my giant water bottle with Crystal Light, went through some emails and made my to-do list for the day.

9:28am – I didn’t have much on my schedule for that morning, so I decided to take the time to update my learning plan (aka, my learning goals and activities) to reflect my end of the semester goals. I also prepped for my 1:1 with my supervisor later that afternoon.

10:00am – After a brief meeting with my supervisor, I worked on fleshing out the final details of a narrative report on some qualitative data we recently gathered from first-year students.

10:40am – After I put the finishing touches on my report (finally – it was a multi-day feat to get it where my supervisor wanted it), I spent some time working on my online class (which is almost over, thank goodness!!)

11:30am – I almost never eat out for lunch, but I made an exception on Monday and took a long lunch at Potbelly with one of my closest friends down here in Champaign. It was good for the belly and extra good for the soul ❤

1:00pm – Once I was back in the office, I waited for my supervisor to get back into the office for our 1:1, so I spent some time catching up with my fellow grad students about their weekends.

1:30pm – 1:1 supervision time…it’s crazy to think I’ve only got a few of these left!

1:55pm – I am working on a few exciting projects for the ILC in my last few weeks. Even though the details need to be kept on the down low, I can share an image of what I spent a bit of the afternoon experimenting with.

I’m no graphic designer, but I’m learning!

2:30pm – The GA in charge of the ILC Education team asked me to sit in on their team meeting, so I did just that.

2:50pm – After that (very quick) meeting, I went straight back into working on my Adobe Illustrator project.

3:30pm – As the afternoon wore on and my creative brain started to dwindle, I started working on stationed activities for a workshop I helped my supervisor facilitate later in the week.

4:45pm – It’s almost leaving time! I packed up and got stuff organized while chatting with some of the professional staff about their Thanksgiving plans.

5:00pm – My final task of the day was a fun and easy one – I got to attend out Leadership Certificate Completion Ceremony! I talked to so many outstanding students; it blows my mind how innovative and talented my peers are!

6:00pm – À demain, ILC!

Thanks for reading this final “day in the life of an intern” post and check back soon for more.

Until next time,


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