A Very Merry Christmas

Welcome back to recap number two of four from my holiday season in France! If you missed part one, I would encourage you to go back and read it (you can find it here). On y va !

Monday, December 23: Thurins, France

On the Eve of Christmas Eve, L and I attempted something that I would never recommend: last minute Christmas shopping at a mega-Auchan (like the French version of Target. It is inside a huge shopping center – so it really functions more like a mall – but it was like the Wold War III/an apocalypses to find parking and navigate the crowds.

After a successful trip, we treated ourselves (meaning I told L this is where I really wanted to go) to our (my) favorite Frenchie “fast food” restaurant: Flunch! As per usual, it was a solid 10/10.

When we made it back to his parents house a few hours later (we had a little excursion to downtown Lyon so I could get a Christmas present for L), his dad surprised me with this box of homemade treats with a very sweet message (he had a little help from L since he doesn’t speak English, so it just made it all the more sweet).

Also, no I am not engaged nor married; belle-fille, with translates to daughter-in-law, is a very common term of endearment that is used even when couples are just dating in France.

We spend the rest of the night just relaxing and spending quality time together. It was an excellent day.

Tuesday, December 24: Thurins, France

We had a very relaxing Christmas Eve morning. L ran some errands with his sister while I worked on a skills test for a job interview (!) and wrote some blogs. I spent a lot of time hanging out with his mom and helping her prepare some of the lunch and dinner foods for the day. I have to give her a shout-out for her beautiful table arrangements. It felt like nearly every day we would come to the table and it looked more beautiful and extravagant than the day before.

At around 6pm, L and I left for Christmas Eve mass and of course, we had to get a picture of the first time we’d dressed up a number of days.

And this is the table spread we came back too – u n r e a l. And the food just kept on coming.

As part of our Christmas Eve dinner, we had something a little different/outside-of-the-box: sea snails! Even though I really like escargot, I was very hesitant about trying sea snails because they are (a) raw and (b) smell like they came straight from the depths of the ocean.

The verdict? Absolutely atrocious. Thank you, next. Thankfully, ‘next’ was escargot, which I happily obliged to.

Amidst many other plates of food, we ended off the night with a classic Buche de Noel (I recognize that there are accents on some of these letters, but I am too lazy to figure out the keyboard commands for a Windows computer, so forgive me.)

With very full bellies, we finished up our meal around midnight and went straight to bed.

Wednesday, December 25: Thurins, France

Joyeux Noel ! Channeling our inner child, L, P, and I were all up and sitting around the breakfast table bright and early Christmas morning, (in)patiently waiting to open up presents. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait too long for everyone to grab their coffee and give us the oui we had been waiting for since dinner the previous day.

Our Christmas morning was filled with lots of love, good food, and games (what’s new?). However, as the afternoon rolled around, things quickly went downhill…

Nothing like a suspenseful ending to a blog to keep y’all on your toes! Check back next week for part three of my France travel recap posts.

Until next time,


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