Fresh Revelations

Early last week, I came to the realization that if I had to put a name to this season of life I am walking through, it would most definitely be called “Sabbath.”

(If you want a short synopsis of the Biblical definition of Sabbath, this video sums it up short and sweet.)

Since I still do not have a full-time job – I am quite literally, “abstinent from work” – I have had more time than ever to (a) rest and (b) engage in reflection and worship is ways that I never have before.

After a full semester of waking up early and having to be at work by 7:45am, I am relishing the newfound slowness of my mornings. I sip my coffee from bed and can easily spend at least an hour reading my “fun book”, reading my Bible, and then journaling. No longer am I trapped in a mentality of, “I’ve got to get up and go and if I’m not at my desk and working by 8am, I’ve essentially throw the whole morning away.” I’ve learned that those precious hours in the morning are not just enjoyable or good for my mental health, but they have allowed me to engage in deep, spiritual, inner work that I didn’t even know I needed.

This, in turn, has led to some beautiful revelations not just about myself and my dreams and desires, but also fresh revelations about who God is, what His promises entail, and where and how He is working in the midst of this messy, fuzzy world.

This season of Sabbath has taught me that there is almost nothing more enjoyable than developing an intimate relationship with the Father. And from this time spent in His Word, in worship, in prayer, and in conversation, that relationship has only grown deeper and more meaningful. It’s allowed me to find joy and understanding when I’m feeling antsy for the next move and lost on my destined path (because let’s be real, those moments happen every single day); there is so much delight to be had in the fresh revelations that only faith and intimacy with the Father can bring to light.

He knows my heart – my deepest dreams and desires – even better than I know them myself. He is so dang good.

Until next time,


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