In the Midst of it All

As I was reflecting on this post – on what to say and how to say it – I keep coming up blank. What could I say that people don’t already know?

Are we living in the midst of uncertainty, anxiety, and the unknown? Yes.

Are we living in the midst of sadness and confusion over the future? Yes

Are we hearing conflicting thoughts, facts, and opinions from our family and friends, the news, and social media in the midst of it all? Yes

Is it a straight up weird time to be alive? Heck yes.

I think that we can all agree that this season of life is so far beyond what any and all of us expected to be in. From commuting to work every day to working from home. From in-person classes to online learning. From traveling to staying put. From nights out to nights in. There is no doubt that we are in the midst of a monumental, historic season of change not just individually, but as a nation and a globe. We are living in a time where every minute brings news that is harder and harder to swallow, where rules and guidelines just keep getting stricter, and where life can feel isolating, constricting, and lonely. Maybe it feels like there is no light at the end of this tunnel, but I promise you, there is.

In the midst of it all, there is hope. There is joy. There is happiness, freedom, faith, and love. There is light amidst the darkness and beauty in the chaos. Seek and you shall find. Knock and a door will be opened (Matthew 7, paraphrased).

There is so much that we feel we can’t do, but there is still so much we can. Hug your loved ones (with safety and discretion). Love on your family. Reflect. Journal. Pray. Exercise. Play. Worship. Study. Read. Create. Write. Smile. Seek joy.

I pray for safety and protection over all those reading this blog, no matter where you live the globe or when you are reading this. May you find hope and solace in the simply, beautiful joys of life. We will be okay.

Until next time,


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