Adulting Aspirations – May

I’ll be honest – I am giving myself a big, fat “L” on my April Adulting Aspirations. Things started out so strong, but as April came and fled in the blink of an eye with very little effort on my part, so did my motivation to complete my goals. Honestly, they are not ever worth recapping at this point, so we are just going to start fresh with this post. Enjoy!

Life & Hobbies

  1. Get a full time job
    • This was my goal last month and let me just say, progress is being made.
  2. Read at least five books
  3. Don’t skip church or small group
  4. Spend time outside every day

Health & Wellness

  1. Complete the 30 day Yoga with Adrienne “Home Challenge”
  2. Run twice a week
  3. Practice pushups: at least 10 pushups every day
  4. Explore different types of workouts


  1. Make one payment toward my student loans
  2. Put $200 in savings
  3. Set up my online tithing/giving account through my church
  4. Prep/make a budget spread

And there we have it, my May #adultingaspirations (what a fun hashtag!). What are your May aspirations? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Thanks for reading and check back soon for more.

Until next time (stay well),


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