Adulting Aspirations – June

Happy June, my dear friends! I think we can all agree that the whole concept of timing and months and everything of the sort just feels funky right now (as it has for some time now), but I hope this month brings you feelings of hope and a renewal of your spirit. I am looking forward to feeling this way myself.

What else does a new month bring if not a new round of goals and aspirations? Let’s dive in.

Adulting Aspirations Recap – May

Life & Hobbies

  1. Get a full time job
    • Sadly, I’m still in the exact same “stuck and waiting” position I was in at the beginning of the month as of right now. I know the time will come.
  2. Read at least five books [X]
    • Crushed this one – I read eight books this month (thanks, quarantine!)
  3. Don’t skip church or small group [X]
    • I will admit that I did miss one live Sunday services, but I did watch the sermon part later that week.
  4. Spend time outside every day [X]
    • With the exception of maybe four days total, I did manage to spend time outside nearly every day! There were a few days of torrential downpours that hindered my abilities to get outside, but I’m still calling this goal a win.

Health & Wellness

  1. Complete the 30 day Yoga with Adrienne “Home Challenge” [X]
    • Yay, I did it and now I am OBSESSED.
  2. Run twice a week
    • Not only did I not run twice a week, I did not run a single time this month…I don’t remember the last time that happened. I’m not mad about it though – I have been much more intentional about listening to my body and doing the workouts I’m in the mood to do; it’s been fun to diversify!
  3. Practice pushups: at least 10 pushups every day
    • I started off so strong, but alas, I also did not practice pushups everyday. I have made some moderate progress though!
  4. Explore different types of workouts [X]
    • Aside from yoga, I also experimented with pilates, roller blading, and jumping rope, all of which I have enjoyed. I started a new 8-week workout challenge the last week of May, so that has also been helping me explore different moves and workout styles.


  1. Make one payment toward my student loans [~X]
    • While I didn’t actually put money down on my loans, I did set aside extra money into my loans savings account this month, which I count as a win.
  2. Put $200 in savings [X]
  3. Set up my online tithing/giving account through my church [X]
    • Took me long enough!
  4. Prep/make a budget spread [X]

Adulting Aspirations – June

Life & Hobbies

  1. Read five books
  2. Do a digital clean-up (phone/computer)
  3. Do a digital clean-up (social media)
  4. Work on poetry 1x week

Health & Wellness

  1. Complete weeks 2-6 of Sarah’s Day Sweat It to Shred It 8-Week Challenge
  2. Get 10,000 steps every day
  3. Spend time outdoors every day
  4. Stretch at least 10 minutes after working out


  1. Put $200 toward my loans account
  2. Put $200 toward my savings account
  3. Update budget weekly
  4. Buy myself a birthday present

Thanks fo reading and check back soon for more.

Until next time,


One thought

  1. I feel you on the job hunt. I was laid off at the end of March, and I’m struggling to get even a call for an interview. Also started getting back into running again; I can tell you it’s not easy! Hopefully, things will quiet down soon, and I wish you the best with everything!


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