Adulting Aspirations – July

Another month, another round of adulting aspirations. This post will be short and sweet, so let’s dive it.

Adulting Aspirations Recap – June

Life & Hobbies

  1. Read five books [~almost! I read 4]
    • For the first time in a while, I didn’t hit my reading goal for this month 😦 However, I did just restart reading Harry Potter, so I know I will breeze through those relatively quickly.
  2. Do a digital clean-up (phone/computer) [X]
    • Dang it felt good to unsubscribe from so many emails, delete old files, and comb through my email inboxes.
  3. Do a digital clean-up (social media) [X]
    • I had less work to do on social media, but it felt good to clean up my social media and unfollow/mute/etc. accounts I no longer feel connected to.
  4. Work on poetry 1x week
    • Wow, hard fail. I didn’t write a single thing. Sigh.

Health & Wellness

  1. Complete weeks 2-6 of Sarah’s Day Sweat It to Shred It 8-Week Challenge [X]
    • Weeks 2-6 are done and I’m feeling good! The workouts have definitely gotten more challenging in the last week, but I am so close to completion and I am motivated to make it to the end.
  2. Get 10,000 steps every day [ ~close! I average 8,700/day]
    • I got close! It was better than my averages in April and May (6,700 & 6,300 respectively), so I call that a win 🙂
  3. Spend time outdoors every day [X]
    • I missed two days because of rain, but otherwise, I did it!
  4. Stretch at least 10 minutes after working out
    • I started off strong in the first half of the month, but I gradually got lazy with my stretches; I definitely need to get back on track with them.


  1. Put $200 toward my loans account
    • Nope. Between transitioning to a new job (& not yet reaching payday) and signing a new apartment lease/preparing to move out, there was no extra room in the budget this month to set money aside, but that is a-okay.
  2. Put $200 toward my savings account
    • Nope again. See above.
  3. Update budget weekly [X]
    • I am still working on the format and customizing my template to work best for me, but I have managed to keep up with it.
  4. Buy myself a birthday present [X]
    • They were nothing extravagant, but I did treat myself to a new pair of wireless headphones and I upgraded my Fitbit to the Versa (thanks to my sister for selling it to me). My fitness game got an upgrade 🙂

I decided to let my goals be more lax for July to refocus my heart the things that are ultimately most important. I still have things I’d live to accomplish, but mostly, I just want to have fun and live in the moment.

Adulting Aspirations – July

Life & Hobbies

  1. Read four books
  2. Establish a work-from-home routine
  3. Have fun and embrace the joy that is summer

Health & Wellness

  1. Complete weeks 6-8 of Sarah’s Day Sweat It to Shred It 8-Week Challenge
  2. Get 10,000 steps every day
  3. Listen to my body with both food and exercise


  1. Update budget weekly -> get my ish in order
  2. Top off my emergency fund to six months of coverage
  3. Make a tentative loan repayment plan

Thanks for reading and check back soon for more!

Until next time,


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